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Valkyrien Skies is a library mod for Minecraft that adds moving blocks, known as ships, and a complete physics engine to the game. It is not usable in survival mode because it was designed to be used alongside one or more addons.


Valkyrien Skies adds many physics-related features to Minecraft that addons and players in creative mode can make use of.


Ships are moving blocks with physics. While part of a ship, Minecraft blocks and block entities function as expected. The player can interact with them while in motion, collide with them, and use them as otherwise expected. Ships are modeled as rigid bodies in Valkyrien Skies' physics engine, and bounce and collide with the world and other ships in a physically appropriate manner, taking into account factors like weight, friction, and elasticity.


The shipyard is a location millions of blocks from the world spawn where the blocks for ships are stored. These blocks are then projected into the world by Valkyrien Skies as ships, tricking the blocks into believing that they're aligned to the grid so they continue to function as expected.

VS Bodies

VS Bodies, or bodies, are an experimental feature currently only accessible via addons. They add a way for addons to utilize the underlying physics engine of Valkyrien Skies to create rigid bodies that don't have any Minecraft blocks associated with them, but still interact with ships and other bodies.


The /vs command can be used by operators to delete, teleport, and otherwise manage ships and bodies.


Valkyrien Skies is compatible with most mods and their blocks and items. When a mod is incompatible, the reasons can generally be traced to one of two root causes:

  1. The incompatible mod is confused by the shipyard system, where blocks on the ship appear to be millions of blocks away from the player
  2. The incompatible mod has a conflicting Mixin class, crashing the game at launch

Both of these issues can be easily fixed, and should be reported to the issue tracker