Compatibility list

From Valkyrien Skies

The following is the list of mods compatible and incompatible with Valkyrien Skies.

We encourage users/players to edit this list and add mods that are important or they want added. When editing the list, please include the title, author and version of the mod.

Please also add its current compatibility. Mods that work perfectly please mark as 'Compatible.' Mods that are slightly buggy but stable, please mark as 'Stable.' Mods that are very buggy but do not crash, please mark as 'Buggy.' Mods that load but are unstable and can crash, please mark as 'Unstable.' Mods that do not work at all, will not load and cause crashes, please mark as 'Incompatible.'

Please also rate the mod by importance. Mods that are very common in modpacks or used by a lot of people, mark as High. Mods that are used by some modpacks and by some people, mark as Medium. Mods that are barely used, are NEW, not heard of, please mark as low.

If a new version of Valkyrien Skies releases, please test mods again to update compatibility accordingly.

Valkyrien Skies is compatible with all mods that just add textures. The mod is not compatible with mods that add special blocks: You can't place such blocks on the airship, but they can still be placed without errors on the ground. As an example would be Multipart CBE: You can't place the blocks on a ship, but they are not affected on the ground. (We will add the ability for modded blocks to be placed on ships per mod when they become compatible.)

Optifine sp614x Compatible High 31 August 2019
World Edit sk89q Compatible High 31 August 2019
Custom Main Menu Lumien231 Compatible Low 31 August 2019
Resource Loader Lumien231 Compatible Low 31 August 2019
Dynamic Surroundings OreCruncher Compatible Low 31 August 2019
Biome Bundle mc_pitman Compatible Medium 31 August 2019
Grapple Hook yyon Mostly Compatible Low 31 August 2019
SpongeForge Many Compatible High 1 September 2019
Shoulder Surfing Exopandora Incompatible Low 1 September 2019 #294
TechGuns pWn3d1337 Buggy Low 1 September 2019 #280
Transport Simulator DonBruce64 Incompatible Medium 1 September 2019 #183
Fairy Lights pau101 Compatible Low 5 November 2019