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What is Valkyrien Skies 2?

Valkyrien Skies 2 is a physics engine built for modern versions of Minecraft. It supports Fabric/Forge 1.16.5/1.18.2/1.19.2/1.20.1, the main version being 1.18.2. On its own it can't do much, but you can install addon mods like Eureka that allow you to build moving boats and airships or Create: Interactive that allows building on create contraptions. You can find all the addons here: VS2 Addons

How do I Create a Ship?

You can either use the debug tools in VS or one of the addons to create ships. The Eureka Helm works well if you can't use VS's debug tools.

Ships can have a max size of 256 x 256 chunks (4096 blocks in X/Z) and can be as tall as the world (265 blocks in 1.16.5 and 384 in 1.18.2+). Physics on ships are only performed if they are fully within Minecraft's simulation distance and ships are stored in the world at the 'Shipyard' an area at -28672000 <= X <= 28672000 and 12288000 <= Z <= 28672000.

Do Blocks have weight?

All of Minecraft's blocks have an assigned weight, if there isn't an assigned weight the weight will default to 1000kg. You can use datapacks to assign weights to blocks.

You can learn all about block weights and properties here: Block Properties

Valkyrien Skies 2 uses SI units for all units unless otherwise noted. Kilograms for weight and Newtons for force.

Is Valkyrien Skies 2 Compatible with X mod?

Valkyrien Skies should be compatible with most mods that add normal blocks, textures, or items. Mods that have tile entities may or may not work, and mods that add more complicated features may not work.

If you are unsure, try it and see, then help us out by reporting your findings here: Mod Compatibility List