This article is about an outdated version of Valkyrien Skies, known as Valkyrien Skies 1.
The contents of this page are no longer supported.

Item Info


ID: vs_world:valkyrium_ore

Description: "A mysterious floating ore.

Holding too much can be very deadly."

It functions similarly to Valkyrium Crystals however its anti gravity effect is 4x as strong (by default, can be modified or disabled in config).

Block Info

A vein of Valkyrium Ore in a cave.

Valkyrium Ore generates underground below Y:16 similar to diamonds. Inversely to gravel, it floats upwards. Because of this you can commonly find it under the roofs of caves.


With Silk Touch on a pickaxe it will drop the ore itself, otherwise:

Without fortune it drops 4 to 8 Valkyrium Crystals.

With fortune it drops 4 to (9 + Fortune Level) crystals.

It drops 16 - 26 points of XP.


If an ore floats to build limit it will break and drop an item.

If an ore floats into a block that kills normal falling blocks it will break and drop the ore item.

One such apparatus to "silk touch" ores. (Keep in mind this was created before the items float away)


For some reason, it does not always render.

I don't know why.