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Valkyrium Crystal

From Valkyrien Skies

Item Info

Ethereum Crystal Item.png

ID: vs_world:valkyrium_crystal

Description: "Holding too much can be deadly."

They will weaken the effect of gravity on you when in your inventory and with 2 stacks (32) you will not be able to fall down naturally. In certain blocks like water you will float upwards. With more than 2 stacks of them you will float upwards anywhere. After a while of floating you will start to take damage and eventually die. (with galacticraft and no oxygen tanks) This can be avoided by placing the crystals in a chest.

In the config you can modify the gravity effect for ore and crystals. Positive numbers multiplied by 32 crystals are needed for full anti gravity, 0 will disable it and negative numbers will act as a gravity enhancer.

When dropped they float upwards.

Some Valkyrium Crystals floating into a cave ceiling.


Valkyrium Crystals are obtained by mining Valkyrium Ore without a silk touch pickaxe.


They are used to craft Compacted Valkyrium blocks, Compressor Part Crates, Engine Part Crates and more.


When items hit a block they glitch out.

They glitch out due to the client thinking its a normal item and moving it down then the server telling the client it is actually floating up not falling.

This can probably be fixed by sending a client update packet when the capability is added.

Client-Server desync.