Valkyrien Relogs

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Valkyrien Relogs is a Quality of Life mod.

Currently when you log off a Valkyrien Skies ship, you position relative to the ship is not saved, instead you end up wherever you where in the world

This is a simple mod that adds one block, the Relog Anchor:

The anchor is crafted with 2 amethyst shards and a blackstone pressure plate (no specific shapes) when a ship is assembled, you can interact with a relog anchor on it, if you are the first to interact with it, you become an "officer" of that ship, and can log off on the ship as an officer you can interact with the relog anchor again to add anyone in a 3ish block radius to the ship if you sneak whilst doing this those players will also become officers if you log off on a ship you are registered to (only one at a time) when you log back on, you will be in the same place as you would be relative to the ship, wherever it is in current world space

officers are stored on the ship itself, so placing additional anchors will not allow other players to become officers, but can be used in the same way as normal

in version 0.1.2 you will also respawn on beds on ships you sleep in, however this is not moderated by the relog anchor's officer system