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Eureka! Ships! is an addon which allows players to easily assemble ships as airships and boats using the Ship Helm. Eureka is easy to use, so it's good for players new to Valkyrien Skies. It doesn't have realistic physics, as the Ship Helm will automatically apply stabilizing forces to any ship it's placed on. Eureka was developed from scratch, but its gameplay style is inspired by the now-discontinued Archimedes' Ships.

Blocks and Items

Getting Started

Creating a ship

To start using eureka you'll need to craft and place a helm on the ship you want to assemble. Eureka is pretty smart and won't assemble the entire world, but it is a good idea to make sure your ship isn't touching anything you don't want assembled, like your base.

The Ship Helm GUI, unassembled
The Ship Helm GUI, unassembled

Once you're happy with the placement of your ship helm just empty your hands and sneak-right click it to open its interface and click Assemble to assemble your ship. If you assembled something you didn't mean to assemble, now would be a good time to use that Disassemble button.

Controlling your ship

Once your ship has been assembled, right click the Ship Helm without sneaking to stand at it. Once standing at the ship helm you control your ship with WASD and Space/V to ascend and descend. Space and V won't do anything unless you have enough balloons on your ship to fly.

Eureka Configs