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Tournament is an addon that adds random blocks and items to make Valkyrien Skies more playable such as ship propellors and thrusters.


A block that has a redstone adjustable weight


Power with redstone to increase weight


The on and off weight of the ballast is configurable. The default off weight is 800.0, and the default on weight is 10000.0.


Increases lift of the ship.

There are two variants: powered- and unpowered- balloon. The powered balloon has higher lift but requires a redstone signal.

The powered balloon will be 3x stronger when powered than the unpowered balloon.

Chunk Loader

Loads ships when players are not near.


Experimental feature!

Distance Sensor

Redstone distance sensor that measures the distance to the block in front of it.

The sensor has a default range of 10.0 blocks. If the target is closer, it outputs a higher redstone signal.


Redstone-powered ship propeller.

There is a small propeller (designed to look like a torpedo propeller) and a large (3x3) propeller.

Popellers take a bit of time to spin up (reach their maximum force), which makes them unsuitable for steering and similar.

Rope Hook

Allows for one rope connection at a time. Disconnects when powered with redstone. Right click two rope hooks with a rope item to connect them.


A seat that players can use

Ship Assembler

Assembles ships by finding a structure of connected blocks that are not blacklisted. Activated via right-click or redstone signal.


There is a limit to how many blocks can be assembled!


Applies rotational force around its Y-axis.


Redstone-powered, upgradable thruster.

There are two variants. A small thruster and a "normal" thruster.

The thruster is only active when redstone powered. It can be upgraded by right-clicking on it with a thruster upgrade.


The maximum thruster tier is 4 for the normal thruster, and 2 for the small thruster.

The normal thruster has a force of 10000.0 N, which gets multiplied by the tier / level of the thruster.

The small thruster is 0.2x as powerful as the normal thruster => 2000.0 N

Thrusters shut off at a speed of 80.0 m/s

Chunk Loading API

A simple API for loading chunks around the computer

This API is still experimental and might not be functional


`start(priority: number, chunkVec: {x: number, z: number})`

Starts chunk-loading

Will load all chunks in the rectangle of the computer's position and the given `chunkVec` (relative to the computer's position) every tick

The `priority` specifies the priority of the chunk-loading. The higher this integer is, the higher the priority




Returns a short summary of the API

Components API

A simple API for getting a list of all the thrusters on the current ship

It is recommended to use CC: VS with this API



Returns a list of all the thrusters on the current ship

Every element in that list looks similar to this: {pos:{x,y,z}, force:{x,y,z}}

Pulse Gun

Applies a force impulse onto a ship when right-clicked

Ship Deletion Tool

Deletes right-clicked ships

Creative only