Speed Telegraph

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Crafting Recipe for Speed Telegraph

Description: "This block will allow you to control the output speed of gearboxes, and thus control propeller speeds."

Block Info

File:Speed Telegraph Placed.png
A Speed Telegraph placed down.

The Chadburn Speed Telegraph* by Chas. Cory and Sons Inc. is a Component that sets the speed of Gearboxes on the same Network.

When right clicked it will enter a setting mode. Hold A or D to set the torque restriction for networked Gearboxes. 0 will stop them completely while 1 or -1 will put it in full forward or reverse.

When Wiring it up, make sure to hold Shift and right-click the bottom block of your Speed Telegraph(R).

The top half of it is actually a Dummy Telegraph block. This is why you need to click the bottom block to connect it to a Network.

*Chadburn Speed Telegraph is a registered trademark of Chas. Cory and Sons Inc. The Valkyrien Skies Company is not affiliated in any way shape or form with Chas. Cory and Sons Inc.