Ship Helm

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The ship helm is the main block of Eureka. It's used for assembling, stabilizing, and controlling the ship that it's placed on.


The ship helm's menu


To open the menu, right click the ship helm with an open hand while sneaking. The menu contains three buttons for managing your ship.


The Assemble button will convert all the blocks connected to the ship helm into a new ship. Assembly will ignore blocks on the blacklist, which can be edited in the Eureka configuration files.


The Align button will begin to align the ship to the grid. Press the button again to stop the alignment.


The Disassemble button will convert the ship back into ordinary blocks. If the ship is not aligned, the ship will align itself before disassembling.


Right click the ship helm with an open hand without sneaking to begin piloting the ship helm. You can only pilot a ship helm if it's placed on an assembled ship. Press the Sneak key to stop piloting the ship.

Ascend and Descend

Use your Jump and V keys to ascend and descend. Ascending is only possible unless the ship has a sufficient number of balloon blocks on it.

Cruise Control

Use the C key while piloting the ship to enable cruise control. When cruise control is enabled, the ship will continue moving even if you stop piloting it. To disable cruise control, press C or any other piloting key while piloting the ship helm.


Once placed on a ship, the ship helm will immediately begin to apply stabilizing torque and a horizontal stabilizing force. If there are balloons on the ship, the helm will also apply a vertical stabilizing force to counteract gravity. This makes ships with an attached ship helm appear to have unrealistic physics.

The ship helm is required for any ship utilizing Eureka. Other Eureka blocks, including the balloon, the anchor, the ship engine, the ballast, and the floater, do nothing unless they are on a ship with a ship helm.