An RFC ("Request For Comment") is a suggestion system used for internet standards by the IETF. In the case of Valkyrien Skies, RFCs are used typically for major feature suggestions, such as RFC:Boats. If someone wants a feature to be added to the main mod or to be created as an official extension mod, they may make an RFC Proposal. This proposal can created detailed implementation information for how the feature should look and behave. Once the RFC is ratified and confirmed by developers, it will be "finalized" and any further changes besides minor edits such as typos will be prevented. Now, the RFC will describe the implementation of planned feature, and it may be added to the mod.

Creating an RFC

You may refer to RFC:Boats as a reference for creating RFCs. Include all the sections it has. An RFC should contain detailed information about the feature that is planned to be implemented, why it should be implemented, and maybe some counterarguments as to why it should not be implemented. Steps to create an RFC:

  1. Search the wiki for "RFC:Name of the RFC" to create a new RFC page
  2. Create the RFC page. Be sure to include all the relevant sections and headings. Also note that the RFC is a work in progress and not finalized.
  3. Now, write up all the important features that it should have. Be specific!
  4. Wait for community and developer responses on the talk page about things that might be potentially improved upon inside of your RFC
  5. Once you feel that the RFC is as good as it can get, contact a developer on Discord or on the wiki to get the RFC finalized.

What happens when an RFC is finalized?

Once an RFC is finalized, it means that it is approved as an addition to the mod. There are no guarantees that the developers of Valkyrien Skies will get around to adding the feature, as there are many things to be worked on, and we are a team of volunteers. However, once an RFC is finalized, external developers interested in adding it can read the implementation details and create it, and given that the feature is created according to specifications, it will be merged quickly.

Current RFCs