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This RFC is a work in progress and is not finalized. Use the Discussion tab to discuss it with other users. [Help?]


Add Part Crates to Valkyrien Skies. Crates should be used in the construction of multiblocks, similar to Immersive Engineering.


Constructing a propeller from 9 smaller versions does not make sense, neither do (currently in DeltaNedas/Valkyrien-Skies) crates with pictures of them slapped onto the sides of a Crate.

Detailed Design


Types of Crates could include:

  • Gear Crates, used in mechanical Multi-Blocks.
  • Frame Crates, used to keep the structure of large Multi-Blocks.
  • Boiler Crates, used in a Valkyrium Engine (in the future, Boilers.)
  • Control Crates, one per multiblock.
  • Pipe, used in a Valkyrium Compressor (wouldn't look like a crate.)
  • Bellows, used in a Valkyrium Engine (in the future, Boilers.) (wouldn't look like a crate.)


(Currently in DeltaNedas/Valkyrien-Skies.) An empty crate model already exists, adding pictures or smaller models of a crate's item would be trivial.

Certain Crates like Plumbing Crates could connect to adjacent Pipes or other Plumbing Crates.

A Pipe has a default model of a single cube, other connectable Crates and Pipes add on pieces of pipe to their models.



List of proposed crates and the Multi-Blocks they could be used in.

  • Bellows Crate - Used in a Valkyrium Compressor.
  • Boiler Crate - Used in a Valkyrium Engine and, in the future, a Boiler.
  • Control Crate - Used in anything that connects to a Network.
  • Sail Crate - Used in Giant Propellers or Rudders.
  • Piston Crate - Used in a Valkyrium Compressor or Engine
  • Plumbing Crate - Used in anything that uses Pipes like a Valkyrium Compressor and, in the future, a Boiler.


A Pipe could be a Bucket surrounded by 4 Iron Ingots. It could be used in recipes and as a cosmetic block, in the future it may transport Valkyrium in a Liquid/Gas form from Boilers to Valkyrium Engines and Compressors.

A Gear could be 4 Iron Ingots surrounded by a stick.

A Frame could be used in Multi-Block structures and to make an Empty Crate. Its recipe could be


s s


s = Stick

S = Wood Slab


Any Multi-Block structure using a Network should make use of a Control Crate, and any normal ones should include it in their crafting recipes in some form.

A Valkyrium Compressor could be built from 4 Frames at the bottom, Control, Gear, Bellows and Plumbing Crates on the top.

A Rudder could be built from a Control Crate and 2 to 6 Sail Crates on the top, bottom or both sides. If Rudders are modified to be able to tilt up and down too they could also be placed on the horizontal sides.

A Giant Propeller could be built from a Control Crate with a cross pattern of Frames with the corners filled in with Sail Crates.

Valkyrium Engine:

Layer 1
  F = Frame
  C = Control Crate

Layer 2
  p = Plumbing Crate
  B = Boiler Crate
  G = Gear Crate
  P = Piston Crate


This would make it harder for newer players to get into the mod.

It would also definitely require extensive in-game documentation, see Immersive Engineering's manual with 3D graphics showing how to build its Multi-Block structures.


Existing [MultiBlock type] parts.

Unresolved Questions

None right now.