How do I use the mod?

On its own, Valkyrien Skies 2 is just a physics system. To get features to use it with, install an addon mod like Eureka-- an airship mod in the vein of Archimedes' Ships.

A tutorial/documentation for Eureka can be found here. Mischief of Mice also published a Bit-By-Bit showcase of Eureka on Youtube.

Is the mod compatible with other mods?

See Compatibility list.

Is this mod going to be updated to Minecraft version X?

The mod is currently available for Fabric and Forge 1.18.2, 1.19.2, 1.20.1. 1.18.2 is our main version and gets updates most often.

How to get the unreleased development version of VS2?

Warning: Development version may not be working. It is in development. Do not make bug reports.

If you want the latest development version, download it from the "Packages" section on the right-hand side of the github page for VS2. Choose either forge/fabric and then download the JAR file all the way at the bottom of the list.

You might also want the unreleased development version for Eureka; just follow the same steps.

Is 1.12/1.16 still going to receive updates?

No, but if anyone is interested in porting VS2 to 1.12, we can answer questions in the Discord.

Is this mod going to be backported to Minecraft version X?


Is there an official server?

Not yet, but it's planned. It will be hosted at valkyrienskies.org


Can I create a very large ship?

Yes, you can. The maximum size of a ship is currently 256 chunks x 256 chunks

Do boats exist yet?

Yes! While water is still present inside the boats, they do float.

Where are the blocks of the ship stored?

In an area colloquially known as the 'shipyard', from the coordinates -28672000 <= X <= 28672000, and 12288000 <= Z <= 28672000.


Do blocks have weight?

Yes, and you can configure it via datapack.

What units are used?

Unless otherwise noted, all units are SI units. Kilograms for mass and Newtons for force.