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Clockwork: Create x Valkyrien Skies is an integration addon for Create that allows the player to build complex flying ships, such as planes and hot air balloons. In the future, land vehicles, submarines, boats, and other forms of transportation are also planned. It also adds other miscellaneous items such as the Gravitron.

Blocks and Items

  • The Physics Bearing behaves like Create's Mechanical Bearing, allowing you to assemble the blocks attached to it using Super Glue, and spin them using Rotational Force. However, unlike the normal Mechanical Bearing, attached structures will be assembled into a Ship Entity, complete with physics! The Physics Bearing has two modes which you can switch between on the side of a block by holding a Wrench and holding right click until the selection UI appears. The first, and default mode is Unlocked, which allows the attached structure to spin freely according to physics. Locked, as the name suggests, attempts to keep the object's rotation fixed until rotational force is applied. This mode behaves the closest to a vanilla Mechanical Bearing.
  • The Flap Bearing works similarly to a Mechanical Bearing, assembling a structure connected by Super Glue into a Contraption, only its rotation is limited and controlled via Redstone. The flap bearing will rotate towards powered blocks adjacent to it. Once it is no longer powered, its rotation will reset. As the name suggests, the Flap Bearing is very useful for constructing Flaps, although it can also be used with Wings and other blocks like any other Create Contraption
  • The Altitude Meter is a Useless block that does Nothing and is rumoured to have murdered and stolen the identity of the Ballooner
  • Like the Altitude Meter, the Reaction Wheel is also a Useless block that does Nothing. Notably, it is also not symmetrical and if it did work it would result in vibrations, likely destroying whatever it was trying to control. It also has no friends.
  • The Redstone Resistor works like a Clutch only the speed of the Rotational Force allowed through is analogue, allowing for finer control over speed.
  • The Command Chair is one of the most mechanically complex blocks in the Clockwork mod. The Command Chair redirects Rotational Force to each of the four directions surrounding it according to how it is programmed in the configuration interface. It can be sat in by selecting right click and controlled using the WASD and Space keys, similar to a Linked Controller. The configuration interface can be opened by shift right clicking on the block. In the configuration UI, you can select an output direction in the top left, and up to five different actions, including one always-on action (the topmost one). The actions that are next to the arrow buttons have definable conditions. Select the keys you want pressed using the arrow buttons to define when you want the action to activate. The action itself is defined using a mode and an amount, working like a Sequenced Gearshift. There are four modes per act:
    • None (This does Nothing)
    • Rotate - Rotate rotates the output the specified amount while the action is active, and then rotates it back again when the action deactivates.
    • Move - For some unknown reason, this mode overrides the condition and makes the output always rotate.
    • Multiply - This is likely the mode you want to use. This will make the output rotate with the input speed times the amount specified.
  • Note that the specified condition needs to be exactly met. This means that the condition won't be met if you're pressing any keys other than the ones specified. This will likely be changed in a later update, but for now this makes making anything particularly useful a Nightmare.
  • The Physics Infuser (seen in the mod's logo), is what is used to assemble Ships in Clockwork. This is done by right clicking on it with an items.vs_clockwork.auric_designator. After a "short" animation, the area selected with the items.vs_clockwork.auric_designator will be shipified.
  • The Wing is a
  • The Flap is like the wing only it does not have lift. Useful for flaps or an aircraft's tail, fins, or other stabilising or control surfaces.
  • The Balloon Casing Exists (It does not do anything)
  • The block.vs_clockwork.heat_pipe corrupts your world
  • Blu Guu is an item to be used for crafting
  • The item.vs_clockwork.auric.designator is an item that does not have an entry in the mod's Language File because the developer Forgot. It can be used to designate the area for the Physics Infuser to assemble.
  • The Gravitron is a Half Life 2 reference is a single point manipulator unbranded gravity device that allows you to manipulate physics objects. Right click on a Ship to pick it up and then right click again to drop it. You can even prop fly!
  • Bucket o' Vanilla/Chocolate/Strawberry Frosting - Not for consumption! These are actually fuel for the Afterblazer, a jet engine that has yet to be implemented fully