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Establish a consistent set of rules for release versions.


Valkyrien Skies releases are currently confusing and inconsistent, ranging from 0.8.7 to 0.9.5_universal to 0.9_pre_6. This is confusing for newcomers and makes releases hard to follow.

Detailed Design

Valkyrien Skies should follow a modified Semantic Versioning. Versions can be of the form


Major, minor, and patch versions can be incremented independently of each other at any time, (hence collectively referred to as the "release version"). However, if an alpha/beta/release-candidate is released for a "release version", that release version may not be downgraded (e.g., once an beta is released for a "release version", then more alphas may not be released).

Observe the example order of versions below

  • 0.9.0-alpha1
  • 0.9.1-alpha1
  • 0.9.1-alpha2
  • 0.9.1-beta1 <-- upgraded from alpha to beta
  • 0.9.1-beta2
  • 0.9.1-rc1 <-- upgraded from beta to release-candidate
  • 0.9.1 <-- upgraded from release-candidate to stable
  • 1.0.0-alpha1
  • 1.0.0 <-- upgraded from alpha to version
  • 0.10.0 <-- (older versions can still be updated)
  • 0.9.2 <-- (older versions can still be updated)
  • 0.9.1-beta3 <-- (this is illegal! you can't downgrade a release)


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Unresolved Questions

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