This article is about an outdated version of Valkyrien Skies, known as Valkyrien Skies 1.
The contents of this page are no longer supported.

Item Info

ID: valkyrienskies:physics_infuser

Description: "Turns any blocks attached to this one into a brand new Ship, just be careful not to infuse your entire world"

Recipe for the Physics Infuser.


The Physics Infuser placed in the world.

The Physics Infuser is the heart of an Airship/Ship.

Its hitbox is 2 blocks wide. When right clicked it will open a 5 slot inventory GUI.

GUI of a Physics Infuser with no Physics Core.

A Physics Core can be placed in the middle slot. This will enable the Assemble Ship button.

GUI of a Physics Infuser with a Physics Core in the middle slot.

Buttons and what they do

Buttons in the Physics Infuser once it has been assembled.

Assemble Ship can only be used when the ship is in regular world coordinates. Disassemble Ship can only be used after the ship is assembled.

Enable physics can only be used after the ship is assembled. It will enable gravity, thrust, etc. so only click it when your ship is safe. Disable physics can be used to prevent the ship from moving and is useful for construction.

Align will try to align the ship to world coordinates which will let you disassemble the ship after a few seconds.

This can be bypassed by mining the Physics Infuser, after which it will disassemble the ship and drop the Physics Core inside.