Eureka! Ships! is an addon which allows players to easily assemble ships as airships and boats using the Ship Helm. Eureka is easy to use, so it's good for players new to Valkyrien Skies. It doesn't have realistic physics, as the Ship Helm will automatically apply stabilizing forces to any ship it's placed on. Eureka was developed from scratch, but its gameplay style is inspired by the now-discontinued Archimedes' Ships.

Blocks and Items

An assortment of blocks added by Eureka

Create your first ship

Assemble your ship

To get started with Eureka, place a Ship Helm on the ship that you want to assemble. Ensure that the ship isn't touching any blocks that you don't want to be assembled. While sneaking, right click the Ship Helm with an open hand. Press the "Assemble" button in the menu that pops up.

Control your ship

Once your ship has been assembled, right click the Ship Helm without sneaking to stand at it. Once standing at the ship helm, you can control the ship with WASD to navigate. If your ship has balloons, you can also use SPACE to ascend and V to descend.

Float your ship

Ships made of light materials will float in water by default, whereas heavy ships will sink. Floaters can be used to make heavy ships more buoyant.

Fly your ship

Ships can't fly by default. Once you put a sufficient amount of Balloons on your ship, you will be able to fly it by right clicking the Ship Helm and pressing SPACE.