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First of all, thank you so much for translating! It's really appreciated. If you need any assistance, contact User:Rubydesic or Rubydesic#4987 on Discord.

  1. To begin translating the mod, you first need a GitHub account.
  2. Find the ISO 639-1 language code (2 letters) of the language you are translating and the ISO 3166-1 country code (2 letters) of the country that it is spoken in (if applicable)
  3. Now that you've got a GitHub account, head over to our translations GitHub page.
  4. Select the branch you want to translate in the top left corner (if you're unsure, select master).
    The Create New File and Branch buttons
  5. Go to en_US.lang and copy all of its contents to your clipboard
  6. Press "Add Files > Create New File" in the upper-right corner
  7. Name the file using the language and country code you found in Step #2, for example, en_US.lang (English, United States variant).
  8. Paste all the English messages you copied in Step #4
  9. Translate the messages on the right side of the equals sign
  10. Save all the work you did onto your computer in case GitHub screws something up.
  11. Press "Commit changes"

(Note: Line starting with "#" are comments, you do not need to translate them)