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You're here because there's a very special few who like pain, and you are one of them. Let's talk about Takeoff (Horizons) and Stardust!

These mods are unstable, haven't be updated in a while, and don't support the latest versions of VS2, so they likely won't work well with other addons.

They are both for 1.18.2.

Installing Takeoff (Horizons)

Takeoff got renamed to Horizons, but the github refers to it as Takeoff, that's why I wrote "Takeoff (Horizons)"

If you're running fabric, you'll need version 0.14.10 of the fabric loader and version 0.59.0+1.18.2 of the fabric api.

If you're running forge, you'll need version 40.1.85 of the forge loader and version 3.6.0 of Kotlin for Forge.

You'll have to download Takeoff here:

Fabric Version

Forge Version

You'll also need an old version of VS2, get it here:

Fabric Version

Forge Version

There are these seemingly optional dependencies that you can get if you care.

Architectury Version 4.10.86

Cloth Config Version 6.4.90

Create Version 0.5.0.e-195

Flywheel Version 0.6.6-94

Installing Stardust

Figure it out yourself.