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{{ModName}} was formerly known as [[Name history|Valkyrien Warfare and Valkyrien Warfare Revamped]].
Currently, the mod is undergoing a large internal rewrite to become modular, or in other words, split up into different mods so that its physics functionality can be used in multiple different ways. More details about the mods plans for the future can be found on the [[Roadmap]]. A list of modules can be found at [[Modules]].
'''Most information on this wiki is for the upcoming version 1.0, not 0.9 on CurseForge. See [[Development Builds]] for instructions on how to install version 1.0.'''
== Useful Pages ==
'''Please note that the current version of {{ModName}} is for Minecraft {{ModLoader}} {{ModMinecraftVersion}} ONLY!'''
=== Steps to Install the Latest {{ModName}} Release (v0v1.90) ===
# Install Minecraft Forge
# Launch Minecraft Forge
=== Steps to Install the Latest {{ModName}} [[Development Builds|Development Build]] (v0v1.90)===
#Install Minecraft Forge