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Welcome to Valkyrien Skies!

Valkyrien Skies is a Minecraft mod that adds physics, and therefore aircraft, to the game. It was originally created by Alexander Mastrangelo (@Best108 on GitHub) in 2016, with significant help from DaPorkchop (@DaMatrix on GitHub). It is now currently mostly developed by Mastrangelo and Rubydesic (@Rubydesic on GitHub). Valkyrien Skies was formerly known as "Valkyrien Warfare [Revamped]".

Currently, the mod is undergoing a large internal rewrite to become modular, or in other words, split up into different mods so that its physics functionality can be used in multiple different ways. More details about the mods plans for the future can be found on the Roadmap.


Installation of Valkyrien Skies is simple. There are two different versions of the mod you can download: Development, and Release. Release is a stable version of the mod that most users should use.

Steps to Install the Latest Valkyrien Skies Release

  1. Install Minecraft Forge
  2. Download the Valkyrien Skies Mod from CurseForge. Beware: downloading the mod from any other website except the official ones may be a virus!
  3. Copy it to your clipboard
  4. Open up your file browser and navigate to .minecraft/mods/
  5. Paste the file there
  6. Launch Minecraft Forge