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What is the mod's name?

Valkyrien Skies, it used to be Valkyrien Warfare.

How do I use the mod?

See the official Tutorial and Community tutorials.

How to get the latest version?

if you want the latest version just download the “-all.jar” under the section “latest successful artifacts” of the following links. Core VS World VS Control

Is the mod compatible with other mods?

See Compatibility list.

Is this mod going to be updated to Minecraft version X?

The next release of the mod, v1, is going to be targeting 1.12.2. We are not yet sure what version v2 of the mod will be targeting, we'll have to see what the modding community settles down onto. Likely it will be 1.14, 1.15, or 1.16.

Is this mod going to be backported to Minecraft version X?


Is VS a standalone mod?

Yes. There are currently no external libraries or dependencies needed to install Valkyrien Skies.

Is there an official server?

Not yet, but it's planned. It will be hosted at


How do I translate the mod?

Please view the following wiki page: Dev:Translating the mod. Thank you so much for your contribution!


Can I create a very large ship?

Yes, you can. However the default blocks limit for a ship is 15000 blocks. You can change this value by doing /physsettings maxshipsize 15000, or going in the config, depending on the version you're using. Furthermore, there is a hard cap of ship size at 32x32 chunks.

I have many hovercraft compressors placed on my ship, but it doesn't fly?

Your problem may be one of the following:

  • Your physics engine is disabled (Right click on the physics engine to enable it).
  • Your hover crafts controller has a too low height specified or the compressors are not connected with the hover craft controller.
  • Your ship is too heavy. You need to place more hover compressors or more Valkyrium.

I have lost my ship, can I have it back?

First, try /vs ls -v to view a list of ships with coordinates. You can also use /vs tpto to teleport to a ship.

If your ship disappeared after crashing or rejoining the world, it may be incompatibility issues with other mods (See Compatibility list). If your ship disappeared due to any other issue, you should report it at the GitHub issues page.

Do boats exist yet?

As of October 2020, no. See RFC:Boats.

Propellers wont connect to my engine! What do I do?

Do the following:

  1. Make sure your Ship is infused!
  2. Replace your Valkyrium Engine.

What are all the slots in my Physics Infuser for?

At the moment, only the middle one is used, and it must contain a Physics Core


Do blocks have weight?

Yes, and you can configure it in the config.