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Mod compatibility lists

Nobody put my mod in the list, is it compatible?

Valkyrien Skies should be compatible with most mods that add in normal blocks, textures, or items. Mods that have tile entities may or may not work, and mods that add in more complicated features may not work. If you are unsure, try it and see, then report your findings.

Table legend

We encourage users/players to edit these lists and add mods that are important or they want added.

Mod Title: The title of the mod with a link to the mod's download page.

Compatible Works perfectly
Stable Slightly buggy but stable
Buggy Very buggy but does not crash
Unstable Loads but may crash
Incompatible Immediate crash, or game is unplayable
High Open source AND used by almost all people/modpacks
Medium Open source AND used by many people/modpacks
Low Closed source OR used by few people/modpacks

VS Version: The version of VS tested

Mod Version: The version of the mod tested

Issue: A link to the Github issue about the incompatibility, if it exists

Loader: Forge or Fabric